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Monday, 30 May 2022 - 20:49 WIB

World Leaders and the Golden Age of Islam

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

السلام علیکم ورحمتہ اللہ وبرکاتہ

Muhammad Qasim bin Abdul Karim of Pakistan.

I have seen in many dreams how Islam and Muslims will rise again to the whole world. If I combine some parts of new dreams and old dreams, then a scene like the following is formed, and it becomes clear as well (that) a lot of things will happen.

When Allah Almighty helped me and as the news of my dreams spread all over the world, I gained a lot of wealth, I can’t remember exactly how much, and slowly it became billions of dollars. So I thought: “What’s the use of all this wealth that’s on me?.” And (then) I channeled this wealth among the people.

Prophet Muhammad SAW saw all this and liked my habit that Qasim was spending this wealth in the way of Allah Almighty instead of using this wealth to live a life of luxury.


So Prophet Muhammad SAW asked Allah Almighty to make Qasim the leader of Pakistan and Allah Almighty said: “that is indeed what will happen.” And along with that, the Prophet Muhammad SAW has also given witness to the army chief that: “Qasim did not lie to anyone, dan his dreams are true and all that comes from Allah Almighty.”

Then the whole people of Pakistan began to say that: “The leader of this country should be Qasim who does not love property but instead channels it among the people.” And many Muslims around the world and the Pakistan Army also want him to be a leader.

Prophet Muhammad SAW has also said this that: “Qasim, I want you to be the leader of Pakistan.” And I said: “How can I do it all? I’m just an ordinary person.”

Then the Prophet Muhammad SAW said: “Qasim, be a leader. Whatever you say, Allah Almighty will make it a reality and He will grant your prayer.” I said: “Whatever you command.”

The people of Pakistan and the Army made me their leader. The first thing I have done is to rid Pakistan of all forms of shirk at all levels of government, and along with that people started asking me to fix all the problems as I had done in a dream.


Then I got the worry that: “What am I supposed to do? It’s all just a dream- a dream and nothing more.” I just say to the people that: “The clouds will come now and the clouds will pour out a very heavy rain and the earth will bring out its riches.”

So I saw that: “the clouds began to gather and pour out a very heavy rain and the earth began to expel its treasuries.”

Everyone was amazed to see this and I was even more amazed, that I was just saying it was just (intending) for people not to leave me alone, but Allah Almighty has turned it into a reality.

So Allah Almighty said from heaven: “Qasim, whatever you say, I will solve it even if it is something impossible, I will make such a plan with My grace, I will turn it into reality. And Qasim I will never make you feel ashamed in front of anyone. Whatever you say, I am the one who will finish it and it is easy for Me.” Then I said to the people that: “Allah Almighty is with us and He will help us from an invisible place, so let us excel Westerners in every field with the grace and help of Allah Almighty and have made us very intelligent and freed our minds from abominations and vices.”


Then I cleansed the whole pakistan of all forms of paganism, and then I told people that: “Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad SAW have shown me the right path through dreams so that you should all follow that path.”

So that I abolished all the sects and united them into one Muslim Nation. Eid al-Fitr happened on one (same) day and the call to prayer also began to be proclaimed at a fixed time, we abolished the interest system and established a banking system free of interest, and all forms of oppression and terrorism have been subverted.

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Justice and equality have prevailed and a system of justice is formed so the whole world has become shocked, and a system of government has been formed so that every commoner can question the policies of the Prime Minister, the Chief of the Army and the Heads of other Departments and they are all bound to answer the questions of every commoner.

Pakistan began to develop rapidly and rapidly. Peace and tranquility have begun to spread very quickly in Pakistan.

India; After seeing all this, India tried to stop Pakistan from growing prosperously and began to make preparations to invade Pakistan.

Pakistani Military; The Army and the people of Pakistan also began to prepare themselves, but I didn’t want to wage war because I knew this war would be terrible. Besides, there are many Muslims living in India.

So I asked Allah Almighty to do something and I prayed to ask Him to prevent this war. Then Allah Almighty sent fighter jets – great black fighter jets in the hundreds with His help. India became terrified after seeing these fighter jets – black fighter jets (and they said) that: “How can Pakistan get fighter jets – these fighter jets?.” People in the world and even Military Engineers from the United States became astonished and anxious.

Then I told India that: “Are you guys ready to fight with fighter jets – these invincible fighter jets?.” The Indian government also said: “We don’t want to attack you guys” and India stepped back and pulled back its troops from the border, but I took advantage of the fighter jets – these fighter jets and attacked a famous place in the middle east and liberated them.


And this is what as Allah Almighty has planned and has given a period of peace for Pakistan to grow.

After witnessing these black fighter jets, many Muslims from all over the world left their beloved country for good and came to Pakistan and began to play their part in rebuilding Islam. And the Muslims began to say that, “How Allah Almighty has helped Qasim and has turned his dreams into a reality. And truly Allah Almighty has shown them great gifts.”

But when the powers who did not like Pakistan saw this, that Pakistan could not be stopped from growing strongly, they started trying to destroy Pakistan financially and then asked Pakistan to repay its loans again because of the hatred they said that: “If Pakistan cannot return the debt, then we will impose our policies on Pakistan and make it our slave again.”

But Allah Almighty also helped us in this matter and with His shrewdness has given us the treasury and with the wealth of those treasurys we pay back all the debts which are imposed on Pakistan. And Pakistan also stood up independently by the grace of Allah Almighty.

In Pakistan there is peace and tranquility in all directions, there are blessings and gifts of Allah Almighty, and Allah Almighty has cleansed Pakistan of dirt and intoxication. Many non-muslims have also started coming and living in Pakistan, we have given equal rights to all of them and we do not discriminate against anyone. Pakistan has become the most peaceful and beautiful country in the world and we excel in the world on every front.

People in the world have said that it is not only difficult to stop Qasim, but it is also impossible because Allah Almighty himself is the one who guides and protects him and his Allah Almighty has helped him and has turned his dreams into a reality.

Makkah and Medina; I don’t remember for sure, but Prophet Muhammad SAW has told me to come to Medina during this event, my point is which one will happen first, either we will make our own spaceship first or prophet Muhammad SAW commands me to come to Medina.

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After that immediately we outperformed the Western World in every field. We have made our own planes, ships, the highest building technology and even we have made our own spacecraft. We become independent in every field and transcend this world with the help of Allah Almighty. The people of the world became astonished that: “How did these people achieve all this in a very short period? These people were very weak before and if they keep going like this then one day these people will rule the world.”  

Then Allah Almighty said to the Prophet Muhammad SAW that: “Qasim has built your true Islam in Pakistan,So that the Prophet Muhammad SAW became happy after knowing all this and then said to me through a dream to come to Medina and said that: “I want to meet you. You have made me very happy after doing all that.” So I went to Medina to meet the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Prophet Muhammad SAW said: Have I not told you that Allah Almighty will help you in all circumstances?” And I said that: “Yes, Allah Almighty has turned my dreams into a reality and He has also endowed me in many other ways.”

Then the Prophet Muhammad SAW said: “Qasim, go to Makkah to give thanks to Allah Almighty for all these blessings that He has been very generous to you, and yes after this you must help my perfect people and you must restore my true Islam throughout the country. Then you will show the whole world what my true Islam is like which I have applied 1400 years ago with the help of Allah Almighty.” I also said: “Yes, Inshaa-a Allah whatever you command.”

I went from Medina to Mecca, and in the Grand Mosque some people have said to me that: “Qasim as you brought Pakistan and its people from darkness to light and as you illuminate every house in Pakistan, please take us out of these darknesses as well and light our houses as well.”

I said: “All I have is light from Allah Almighty and I can illuminate the world with this light from Allah Almighty. Then people said “Yes, please do that for us.”


After that, a lot of terrible wars took place which I considered inappropriate to mention. Allah Almighty has helped us and we have gained victory in all these wars on the help of Allah Almighty, all forms of terrorism and oppression have been destroyed. Then we recover; “the true islam of Prophet Muhammad SAW to all Muslim countries”.

Around the world (only) there is one Eid al-Fitr and Ramadan. And once again islam is spread all over the earth. Islam stands in glory and everyone becomes happy.

All over the world, gardens are being built anywhere in many places and such gardens have never been seen before. I have also created a garden somewhere where the Prophet Isa AS will descend, so that the Prophet Isa AS will not face any problems when he arrives.

Worldwide there is only one identity card and one currency for muslim countries. And muslims do not need any visas to go from one Muslim Country to another. There are the latest model vehicles that are accident resistant and most muslims have been traveling all the time enjoying the blessings and grace of Allah Almighty.

Then after that, we eliminate poverty and oppression from all over the world. Then we spread peace throughout the world and apply justice throughout the face of the earth.

All that serenity and peace remained that way for many years throughout the earth. Years later, suddenly the Antichrist appeared.

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