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Who was Muhammad Qasim?

Sayyid Muhammad Qasim
  • Name : Muhammad Qasim
  • Gender : Male
  • Place/Tgl Lahi : Pakistan, 05 July 1976
  • Address : Lahore, Pakistan
  • Religion : Islam (Sunni)
  • Father's Name : Abdul Karim
  • Nasab : Descendants of the Quraysh tribe father's path

About Muhammad Qasim

Judging from the language, the meaning of Muhammad means commendable (which is honored). Qasim means the one who gives (divides). Abdul means servant and Karim means your majesty. So Muhammad Qasim bin Abdul Karim means a person who is commendable and likes to give (divide), the son of a servant of Allah His Majesty. Another name and at the same time the name of kuniyah (nickname) which is most often mentioned on the Prophet (SAW) is Abul Qasim. Abdul Karim in Arabic has almost the same meaning as the name Abdullah.

Muhammad Qasim once got an explanation from his late father (while he was alive) and also his family that he came from the descendants of bani Quraysh from the path of his late father,

Muhammad Qasim explained that:

  1. Allah (swt) has been present (behind the veil) in his dreams more than 500 times.
  2. The Prophet was present in his dream more than 300 times.


At the age of 12 or 13 years, Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad began to come in his dreams. Then after that in 1993 when he was 17 years old, Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) came regularly and constantly. Since then, the two have come into their dreams more often. Allah (SWT) and the Prophet (SAW) commanded him to spread his dream.

Muhammad Qasim had no attachment to any organization. Even before spreading his dream, Muhammad Qasim did not know much about the hadiths of the last days, Al-Mahdi, Malhamah Qubra, Dajjal and Ya'juj Ma'juj and others.

Muhammad Qasim only learned about the hadiths of the last days after starting to spread his dreams, because people began to associate him with the figure of the Mahdi (the one who got the clue). But until now he did not want to be associated with the figure of the Mahdi. Muhammad Qasim explained that he was not Al-Mahdi and did not want to be Al-Mahdi.

Even in the early days of spreading his dream, he admitted that he did not routinely perform tahajud prayers, praying and not being religious. It all shows that he is an ordinary Sunni man.