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Saturday, 2 December 2023 - 04:31 WIB

Islam was insulted in the midst of the Israel-Hamas war

Ilustration of Islamofobia

Ilustration of Islamofobia

Jawa Barat, GAZA Indonesia – The Islamic religion was insulted in the midst of the Israel – Hamas war, the end of which is still unclear. There has been a significant increase in Islamophobia in the European region in recent days. This news was quoted from CNBC Indonesia media which was published last Friday (1/12). Anti-racism officials across Europe have called on law enforcement agencies to remain alert to hate crimes against Muslims and to “as much as possible” protect them. This is one of the first statements aimed at addressing the increase in Islamophobia amidst the Israel – Hamas war.

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In the heat of the Israel – Hamas war, there have been at least 774 cases of Islamophobia received by American Muslims. Even in Europe there are 10 countries experiencing an increase in Islamophobia, Asian regions such as South Korea, Thailand and Indonesia, where the majority of the population is Muslim, are not immune from the increase in Islamophobia.

This increase in Islamophobia is in line with what was conveyed in Muhammad Qasim’s speech some time ago in Lahore, Pakistan. In this speech, Muhammad Qasim was asked by one of the audience members, “Is the current war World War 3?” Muhammad Qasim replied “If the current war is the same scenario as my dream, then this is not a good time for Muslims”.

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In Muhammad Qasim’s dream, it was described how the condition of Muslims suffered greatly during World War 3. At least 800 million Muslims would die and hunger would increase throughout the world. This long war made the world seem to be covered in darkness. Islam was increasingly despised throughout the world. Until the day Ghazwa Hind is finished and Islam will again be respected throughout the world.

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