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Thursday, 2 June 2022 - 20:06 WIB

12 Figures Believe Al Mubasyirat Dreams of Allah

Al Mubasyirat Dream of Muhammad Qasim bin Abdul Karim.

The Character’s Belief In The Divine Dream and Al Mahdi

Al Mahdi is the leader promised by Allah جل جلاله who will lead Muslims to its glory before the end of the world. As a help of Allah جل جلاله towards the people who are shaded by the love of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم i.e. Muslims. According to the view of ijma’ the scholars’ instructions will be obtained through Al Mubasyirat.

The statements of the Figures are as follows:

1. Prof. Dr. IR. Nanda L. Krisna MM., CMA. / Professor / GAZA Advisory Council :

The professor who has done tabayyun directly to Pakistan believes in muhammad Qasim’s dream. He said, “The gateway to the belief in the dream of Muhammad Qasim & his self-belief as Al Mahdi, is the hadith of shahih that after the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم died, the news of the prophethood will occur through dreams.”


2. Kyai Muhammad Fadlil Almubaroq / Ulama / GAZA Advisory Council :

This religious figure who lives in Nganjuk Regency, East Java, believes in Muhammad Qasim’s dream. He is also one of gaza advisory board. He said, “In fact, I believe in good dreams more as a clue. I won’t make a move if there is no dream hint.” (1 month after this recording, he already believed 100% that Sayyid Muhammad Qasim was Al Mahdi) The video can be watched on


3. Dr. Jaya Munawar Sp.KJ., M.Kes., MARS / Director of RS / GAZA Advisory Council :

A psychiatrist who has been in direct contact with Muhammad Qasim said, “Sayyid Qasim did not have delusions or disorders. He’s a normal human being.” He is also one of the Advisory Board of GAZA


4. Maulana Abbas Al Hadid Lc., Msc. / Clerics / GAZA Advisory Council :

This cleric who has studied in Pakistan said, “I have been tabayyun directly with Muhammad Qasim. Simple &honest people. Then I believe in all his dreams.” His statement can be seen in the video


5. Buya Abu Azkar S.Ag/ Ulama/ Gaza advisory board :

Founder of Pondok Tahfid Kuntum said: “I have met Sayyid Muhammad Qasim in person, so the more convinced he is an honest person and his dreams are in line with Islamic Sharia.”


6. Kyai Muhammad Nawawi/ Ulama/ GAZA Advisory Board :

“I am sure, Sayyid Muhammad Qasim is an honest man. And I am sure, he is the candidate of Imam Mahdi who will be time to be remedied later” Here is a video of his statement


7. Kyai Khoirur Roziqin/ Ulama/ GAZA Advisory Council :

“From all sides, it shows that Sayyid Muhammad Qasim is Al Mahdi & his divine dream is true from Allah Almighty.” Check out his statement in


8. Ustadzah Ade Rupa Zuhala / Helper Sayyid Qasim in GAZA :

“I for 3 months asked Allah Almighty for instructions on the truth of Muhammad Qasim’s dream and the truth under him is Al Mahdi. Allah Almighty gives a hint under Muhammad Qasim right.”


9.Ustadz Chairullah/ Helper sayyid Qasim in GAZA :

“I ask Allah for instructions about the true figure of Al Mahdi. Allah Almighty shows that Sayyid Muhammad Qasim is right Al Mahdi.”

another Ijma’ Ulama’ regarding the divine dream (outside GAZA) :

1. Habib Novel Alaydrus / Ulama : The leader of the assembly of science and dhikr Ar Raudhoh said in his lecture, “The Quran uses dreams as a postulate. Imam Bukhori made the dream something important, so it was incorporated into shahih Bukhori. That belittles dreams, is the same as belittling Islamic Sharia.”


2. Kyai Ahmad Bahauddin Nursalim (Gus Baha) / Ulama : Ulama from Rembang who is an expert in the field of interpretation said, “Our stupidity is precisely because of seeing, while our five senses are never honest because of many interests. But a good dream (ar-ru’ya ash-shadiqah) must be true &authoritative, because it is controlled by Allah جل جلاله.”His statement can be seen in the video


3. Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin/ Ulama : This religious figure who lives in Malaysia said, “The good dream of Allah Almighty is a branch of revelation.” Please watch the video of his statement on the

As Muslims we should seriously seek the truth as well as learn about matters relating to the promised leader, imam MAHDI. May Allah bestow His mercy upon Muslims all over the world.

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