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Monday, 18 September 2023 - 22:43 WIB

Viral! Shooting Stars and Their Relationship to Disasters on Earth

Shooting star event in Indonesia in September

Shooting star event in Indonesia in September

Subang (18/9), Some time ago Indonesia was shocked by the sighting of a shooting star. Shooting stars and their relationship with Al Mahdi are topics that are often discussed among a small section of society. The appearance of meteors, snowy Arab lands and various other natural signs are really signs of the emergence of Al – Mahdi.

Al – Mahdi is a figure whose birth was prophesied by Rasulullah SAW 14 centuries ago and who will be the last leader of the Islamic Ummah before the Apocalypse. Towards the arrival of Al-Mahdi, there will be a lot of damage on the face of the earth, starting from the many types of alcohol, LGBT which is rampant, evil, rebellion, disputes and even civil war will become increasingly heated on the face of the earth. So this will cause humans to experience a very long drought (life difficulties). Not to mention the natural disasters that occur too often in various regions in the period leading up to Al-Mahdi’s initiation/recognition as the leader of all Muslims in the world which will add to the difficulties of life for all humans on earth.

Currently, the characteristics that were prophesied 14 centuries ago have been felt and a figure named Muhammad Qasim bin Abdul Karim has also appeared who claims to have received orders from Allah and Rasulullah SAW to spread the divine dreams he received. Is Muhammad Qasim the Mahdi? As believed by Kang Diki as the leader of the GAZA Council and its members and also some Muslims in various parts of the world.

Below, the GAZA Assembly Media team has collected several hadith statements which show that the fall of celestial bodies (shooting stars) is also indisputable natural evidence of the emergence of the Mahdi.


  1. حدثنا سعيد أبو عثمان عن جابر عن أبي جعفر قال
    إذا بلغ العباس خراسان طلع بالمشرق القرن ذو الشفا وكان أول ما طلع بهلاك قوم نوح حين غرقهم الله وطلع في زمان إبراهيم عليه السلام حيث ألقوه في النار وحين أهلك الله فرعون ومن معه وحين قتل يحيى بن زكريا فإذا رأيتم ذلك فاستعيذوا بالله من شر الفتن ويكون طلوعه بعد انكساف

It means:
Narrated to us by Sa’id abu Uthman from Jabir from Abi Ja’far, he said: “If Abbas reaches Khorasan, (a star known as) the Horn of Zu-Shifa appears in the East. The first time it appeared was when the people of (Prophet) Noah perished when God drowned them. And it arose at the time of (Prophet) Abraham, when they threw him into the fire, and when God destroyed Pharaoh (at the time of Moses) and those who were with him, and when (Prophet) John (the Baptist) son of Zachariah was killed. If you see this, seek refuge in Allah from the evil of Fitan (dispute and misery). It will rise after the solar and lunar eclipses. Then, Abqa (those who want to rule) in Egypt will soon appear.” (Book of Al-Fitan creation Nuaim bin Hammad, kitab Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi Al-Burhan fi `Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, hal. 32)

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حدثنا رشدين عن ابن لهيعة عن عبد العزيز بن صالح عن علي بن رباح عن ابن مسعود قال
تكون علامة في صفر ويبتدأ نجم له ذناب

It means:
It was narrated to us by Rusydin, from Ibn Lahi’ah, from Abdul Aziz bin Saleh, from Ali bin Rabah, from Ibn Mas’ud he said: “There will be a sign in (the month of) Safar and a tailed star will begin.” (Book of Al-Fitan creation Nuaim bin Hammad)


قال الوليد والحمرة والنجوم التي رأيناها ليست بالآيات إنما نجم الآيات نجم ينقلب في الآفاق في صفر أو في ربيعين أو في رجب وعند ذلك يسير خاقان بالأتراك تتبعه روم الظواهر بالرايات

Al-Walid said: “The redness and stars we see are not signs (signs). The Ayat stars (signs) are the stars we see are not the Ayats (signs). The Ayat stars (signs) are the stars that turn (or rotate) the firmament in the (month) Safar or in the (2 months) Rabi (the first and second Rabi), or in the (month) ) Rajab. After this happens, the Khankan will defeat the Turks (Russia); the Romans (Europeans) from Zawahir will follow with banners (battalions) and Crosses.” (Book of Al-Fitan creation Nuaim bin Hammad)


قال الوليد وقال كعب
هو نجم يطلع من المشرق ويضيء لأهل الأرض كإضاءة القمر ليلة البدر

It means:
Al Walid and Ka’ab said: “It is a star that rises from the East and illuminates the inhabitants of the earth like moonlight on a full moon night.” (Book of Al-Fitan creation Nuaim bin Hammad)


عن الوليد قال بلغني عن كعب أنه قال
يطلع نجم من المشرق قبل خروج المهدي له ذناب
قال وحدثت عن شريك أنه قال بلغني أنه قبل خروج المهدي تنكسف الشمس في شهر رمضان مرتين

It means:
From Al Walid, he said “I was told from the Ka’b: ” ‘A star will rise from the East before the appearance of the Mahdi and it will have a tail.’ And Sharik said: ‘Before the appearance of the Mahdi, the sun will be eclipsed twice in the month of Ramadan.’ (Book of Al-Fitan creation Nuaim bin Hammad)


حدثنا عثمان بن كثير عن جرير بن عثمان عن سليمان بن سمير عن كثير بن مرة قال
آية الحدثان في رمضان والهيش في شوال والنزائل في ذي القعدة والمعمعة في ذي الحجة وآية ذلك عمود ساطع في السماء من نور

It means:
Narrated to us by Uthman bin Katsiir, from Jariir bin Uthman, from Sulaiman bin Samir, from Katsiirr bin Murrah, He said: “Ayat (sign) occurs in the month of Ramadan, and commotion (disruption) in the month of Shawwal, Nazail in Zul- Qa’da, the battle of Zul-Hijjah, and the Ayat (signs) of this month are a ray of light that illuminates the sky.” (Book of Al-Fitan creation Nuaim bin Hammad)


حدثنا عبد القدوس عن عبدة بنت خالد بن معدان
عن أبيها خالد بن معدان قال إذا رأيتم عمودا من نار من قبل المشرق في شهر رمضان في السماء فأعدوا من الطعام ما

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It means:
Narrated to us by Abdul Quddus, from Abdah bint Khalid bin Ma’adan from his father, Khalid bin Ma’adan,
He said: “If you see a pillar of fire from the East, in the month of Ramadan, in the sky, look for as much food as possible, because it (will be) a year of famine (famine). .” (Thabarani, Book of Al-Fitan creation Nuaim bin Hammad)


حدثنا عيسى بن يونس والوليد بن مسلم عن ثور بن يزيد
عن خالد بن معدان قال إنه ستبدوا آية عمودا من نار يطلع من قبل المشرق يراه أهل الأرض كلهم فمن أدرك ذلك فليعد لأهله طعام سنة

It means:
Isa bin Yunus and Al-Walid bin Muslim told us from Tsawr bin Yazid
From Khalid bin Ma’adan, he said: “A verse (sign) in the form of a pillar of fire rising from the East will appear so that it can be seen by everyone in the world. “Whoever is present (alive) should arrange for his family’s food supplies for one year.” (Book of Al-Fitan creation Nuaim bin Hammad)


حدثنا الوليد بن مسلم عن شيخ
عن الزهري قال في ولاية السفياني الثاني ترى علامة في السماء

It means:
Al Walid Bin Muslim told us from a sheikh from Al-Zuhri, he said: “During the reign of the second Sufyani a sign will be seen in the sky.” (Book of Al-Fitan creation Nuaim bin Hammad)


حدثنا الحكم بن نافع عن جراح
عن أرطاة قال في زمان السفياني الثاني تكون الهدة حتى يظن كل قوم أنه قد خرب ما يليهم

It means:
Al-Hakam bin Nafi’ told us from Jarrah from Artah, he said: “At the time of the second Sufyani, there was a Hadda (a powerful sound of impact), so that every nation thought that the land or nation next to it had been destroyed.” (Book of Al-Fitan creation Nuaim bin Hammad)


Ali R.A. stated in his notes (Jufr Ahmar), “The coming of AI-Mahdi will be preceded by the appearance of a star whose tail is amazing, not like the stars you see appear every two-thirds of a decade (ten years), and not also stars that appear two-thirds century, and not a star that appears every century. But He is a star of centuries, covered in fire, snow, air and earth. Its tail is long, its speed is like the speed of the sun’s light when it meets the dawn. Its front end meets its back end like a giant circle , emitting bright light in the dark sky like the rising sun. Then the star will return to its orbit. After that there will come many calamities and deaths which are a gain for good people, and a loss for bad people. ”


“The appearance of the star will occur after a solar and lunar eclipse.”
(AL-Muttaqi aL-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat aL-Mahdi Akhir aL-zaman, hal,. 32)

Wallahu a’lam

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