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Saturday, 30 April 2022 - 23:09 WIB

Pakistan’s Allied State, India, Wants Like a Palestinian State

Pakistan Wants to Be Like a Palestinian State

“What the…! ” It seems that this allied country from India is not to be outdone by Russia vs Ukraine, Israel Zionists vs. Palestine, after they are familiar with making out like a sister brother between the two sides of the Indian and American states, suddenly India has a high desire to want Pakistan like Palestine.

What? Which is really bro..? Well, it must be the brother of the chairman of Mamarika (America), very happy of course. Of course, they will welcome with joy. Not to forget Israel zionist there is a twin for its actions that are widely protested by the world, especially Muslim countries and some peace-loving European countries.

U.S. president visits India

Some time ago the U.S. president visited India. Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi hugs the U.S. President as he greets him at the international airport. After several long 17-hour journeys from the United States to India. “India and the U.S. have become very close for strategic reasons. Even over the years, the U.S. President has had a defense & diplomatic dialogue.” Madan said. This will be the fifth meeting of U.S. President & Prime Minister Modi in eight months. They call each other “friends”. There are even photos of them hugging each other. Like a big brother’s sister.

Various Incidents of Hindu-Muslims To Islamic Bias Policy in India

The rise of violence and clashes targeting India’s muslim minority is also thought to have been triggered by the South Asian country’s government’s biased policies against Muslims. In recent years, India has issued several policies that are seen as increasingly cornering and harming the country’s Muslims.

Revocation of Kashmir Autonomy

In August 2019, the Indian government revoked the autonomous status of the Muslim-majority state of Jammu & Kashmir. India has also implemented strict policies such as curfews, internet restrictions and telecommunications, and detained thousands of Jammu Kashmiris without clear laws.

Amendment to the Citizenship Law

The passage of amendments to India’s citizenship law in December 2019 became polemic, sparking unrest between Hindus and Muslims in India, india’s parliament published a law that would ease the naturalization process for immigrants from three neighboring countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh.

Prohibition of Interfaith Relations

In November 2020, the Uttar Pradesh government passed a law banning interfaith relations. In the law, the government at that time used the term “love of jihad” to allege that many Muslim men in the region persuaded many Hindu women to marry and eventually convert to Islam. The law requires anyone who wants to convert to seek prior approval from the government and if not they will be jailed for 10 years.

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India treats Kashmiri Muslims like Palestinians

After clashes broke out between Muslims and Hindus, a few days later dozens of Muslim homes were razed and destroyed using bulldozers by local government officials. Including muslim worship, namely the mosque in the block complex of the house. While the Indian Hindu place of worship still stands intact in a row of local settlements.

3-State Plan to Make Kashmir Like Palestine

In Muhammad Qasim’s dream on (16/02/2017) has happened at this time, proved to be real. Let’s look at the dream story of Muhammad Qasim:

In this dream Muhammad Qasim found himself in a white building (the palace of the American President). He said: “I was standing in front of the white house and saw how it was built. I was impressed with the way it was built. Then I went inside and passed a hall and came to that door and saw two people talking. A man begged his interlocutor to make him his younger brother. He said, “I will obey all your commandments and do whatever you say. I have done spreading destruction in Khasmir, just as Israel did in Palestine and I am doing all this just to make you happy.” The interlocutor smiled and said: “You just got your position as my younger brother.” The man was very happy and said: “I will never disappoint my elder brother.”

When I saw this, I was surprised and thought, who are these people who just got there?

become a brother? Then the elder brother left the room and I tried to peek inside to see who the little brother was. I saw that it was the prime minister of India. He felt very happy because his heart’s wish had been fulfilled. But I was more surprised that he had become the younger brother of the American president and now they will spread destruction together.

Then I followed the American President and saw him talking to someone else. The other person is the prime minister of Israel. He said: “And I have found a little brother who will do whatever I will command. Look at the work he has done! He follows the same path as you.” Then the two of them smiled and said: “It won’t be long before we will rule the whole world.” The President of Israel said: “I want to meet your little brother,” The two of them then walked into the hall of the American President calling the Prime Minister of India, saying: “Get out of you now, there is no need to hide from anyone. Now we will continue our mission together.” Then the three of them shook hands and said, “Now we will definitely be able to destroy the Muslims.” After seeing all this, I said, “Muslims are asleep while the forces of evil continue to make their plans, day and night, they all continue to unite to destroy Islam and Muslims. It also makes the worst misery and destruction for Pakistan.” The dream ends here.→ It seems that the news of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) thousands of years ago will soon arrive and occur in our midst, so wake up from your long sleep O Muslims all over the world unite The day rumored below, will soon happen soon will not be long,

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Hadith Ghazwatul Hindi

The phrase “Ghazwatul Hindi” refers to some hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Among others: It is narrated that Abu Hurairah said, “The messenger of Allah promised that we would attack India. If I live (long enough) to see it, then I will sacrifice myself and my wealth. if I am killed, then I belong to the sahid faction, and if I survive then I will become Abu Hurairah Al-Muharrar (who was delivered from the fires of hell).” Sunan an-Nasa’i 3174, valid degree.

It is narrated that Thawban, the slave released by Rasulallah SAW,

Said, “Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), said: ‘There are two classes of my people that Allah will deliver from fire: namely those who will attack India, and the group with Isa bin Maryam, AS,'” (Sunan an-Nasa’i 3175, hasan degree (Darussalam)

♥In the sunan Abu Daud no 742 Rosulallah Saw Said: O man, the glad tidings of Prophethood has not been except the dream that shalih (true) dreamed by a Muslim or shown to him. Conclusion: The Hadiths above are as a form of affirmation of the truth about the dreams of Muhammad Qasim that came from Allah and have been proven dozens of other dreams, one example is: 1.Dreams that have passed for example Corona and others 2. The dream that occurred today is an example of the fall of Imran Khan and the Indian state that wants to destroy Muslims is proven by the policy of law that decriminalizes Muslims so that this greatly triggers a cognate war and will even be the most phenomenal war in the history of world warfare. India and Pakistan. And at this time the sparks have ignited India. 3. The dreams that will come for example the exit of the dajal, the descent of the prophet Isa bin mariam ya’juj & ma’juj, the doomsday, and others that all of it one by one have been proven as the saying goes, “Like a strand of beads that are cut off from the rope, then out all the beads one by one even some simultaneously come out of the rope quickly.”

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