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Thursday, 23 June 2016 - 21:38 WIB

Respite of Allah and His Warning About Punishment

بسم اللہ رحمن الرحیم

السلام علیکم ورحمتہ اللہ وبرکاتہ

On June 23, 2016, Muhammad Qasim saw a dream,

Muhammad Qasim says that “Allah came in my dream. A sharp blue light was coming from inside the Nur (light) of Allah. I have never seen such a Nur before.”

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Allah said “Qasim! I have given much respite to the people but except a few, no one has believed in you instead many have ridiculed you. Give my message to these people that the respite which I gave them to think and understand is soon going to come to an end, So get ready to taste my punishment.” (The dream ended there.)

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Jazakumullahu Khair

والسلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ

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