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Saturday, 19 August 2017 - 21:39 WIB

Sending a Terrible Storm of Dajjal (Antichrist) in Muslim Countries

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

السلام علیکم ورحمتہ اللہ وبرکاتہ

On August 19, 2017, Muhammad Qasim saw a dream,

In this dream, I was on the roof of a very large house, situated between some smaller houses where I and some other Muslims lived. There was a smaller house to the right of me that wasn’t too sturdy. There were Muslims occupying all these houses. In the distance I could see two large buildings surrounded by several large houses and some more small houses, Muslims lived there too. Around there was huge lofty buildings.

I could see some people constructing a rather large plane. They fixed one engine but left the other not fixed. I was puzzled as to why anyone would attempt to fly a plane in this condition. I figured it’s probably going to crash and hit something if it takes flight like this and cause a lot of destruction. Just as I suspected when the plane took off it spent out of control and turned slightly ultimately heading straight towards my house. I was terrified. A huge blast which caused me to duck in shock. I had to muster up some courage and get up. The plane crashed into the house next to mine. The house caught fire and spread to my house causing a wall to become engulfed with flames.

People in the house were asking “who would do a thing like this.” When I looked in the direction the plane took off from, I could see “the Dajjal (Antichrist) standing there on the roof of a house.” I was shocked and confused. “Why was he there? He seemed to be doing something strange.” Then he used his powers to unite the winds and the clouds and a terrifying sort of thunderstorm was formed. He sent it towards the place where there were several big homes and a few smaller ones. The thunderstorm was terrifying and scared the Muslims upon seeing it. The thunderstorm just stopped over top of those homes. Thick dark clouds with lightning and fast winds kept hovering over the roofs of their houses circulating like a huge hurricane. It felt as if would destroy everything. The clouds were so enormous they reached my roof, it was terrorizing for every Muslim home but no Muslim or scholar could muster up the courage to say anything.

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All Muslims started to pray to Alláh ﷻ to stop this thunderstorm or finish it. I said “Dajjal is doing all of this, It’s better to do something practical along with the supplication.” I was looking at Dajjal, “he was looking at the sky and thinking something.” I wondered “what he’s looking at and what he’s waiting for.” Then, Dajjal raised his arms in the sky and did something. I decided that it’s better to go down there and try to prevent any further evil. As I left, rain started to pour. On my way down, I noticed the ceiling being filled with water drops. I said “What is this? Water is dropping from the roof? There isn’t even a single hole”. Then in the floor below, I noticed the same water dripping through the ceiling like before.

I became horrified, thinking how is this even possible? This will completely destroy our house. I saw the others, they looked very worried. I went back to the roof. The rain was so much, visibility was zero. I looked over the edge and saw that water was accumulating in the house. The water was swishy around violently, I felt like it was going to break the walls. I looked at the main gate and it was closed. I became shocked upon seeing the powers of Dajjal. I said “I should open the main gate so the water can leave and the pressure is lifted before the wall breaks.” I went to the ground floor and saw that many people were drowning in water. I swam towards the main gate and then grabbed it. The water was pushing me back with force but I managed to open the main gate. All the water drained out and we were all saved. They said “Qasim! If you hadn’t opened this gate, then we would have surely drowned.”

Some army men came and warned us against people who are attacking our homes. The people became distressed saying “one problem was solved and now another one begins.” The army men left and I decided to follow them in order to defend the innocent people. I stopped and realized that I needed ammunition to fight. After searching the house, I found some ammo as well as a giant weapon with a scope, and a uniform in one room. I saw that the back side of the house was slightly damaged and there was a house on the other side of this wall. I then made my way back. The army was fighting a few people but their ammunition was weak and running out and the enemies were too strong. Those enemies had a very solid strategy leaving the army at a disadvantage. I hid myself strategically and looked through the scope. I was able to see through the wall very clearly. I aimed and activated the weapon which passed right through the wall and hit the enemy. That enemy fell and became unconscious. I became amazed thinking “what kind of weapon is this? I activated the weapon a few more times and the rest of the enemies fainted.”

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The army also saw me and became surprised that “what kind of weapon is this?” I said to them that “these enemies are very powerful and only this weapon can stop them.” Then we went into a room and there was a person controlling that entire building. Upon seeing him, I knew that he is a helper of Dajjal. I captured that person and left the army detain him and guard him carefully because he knows the whereabouts of his leader. I didn’t tell the army that Dajjal sent these men. Then we returned and the army said that “the enemies are dealt with” and so everyone became happy. They said “Qasim defeated all these enemies when we were unable to do anything.” People became surprised and said “Qasim, how did you overcome the enemies? Where did you get this weapon and uniform? Are you a soldier?” I said “yes I am a soldier of Allah ﷻ.”

Then I thought about Dajjal and said that “this is just the beginning.” I never got a chance to see how much destruction the thunderstorm caused. This is because of the heavy rain.

والسلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ

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