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Wednesday, 7 June 2017 - 21:40 WIB

Magic of Dajjal (Antichrist) and the Negligence of the Muslims

بسم اللہ رحمن الرحیم

السلام علیکم ورحمتہ اللہ وبرکاتہ

On June 7, 2017, Muhammad Qasim saw a dream,

In this dream, I got something from Allah ﷻ and I had to spread some messages to people and after that I started to meet people but Dajjal found out that I am trying to help the Muslims to regain their lost destiny and unite them. So Dajjal started to use his powers. I met the Muslims and gave them the messages but Dajjal had already made them senseless and the people neither listened to my messages nor did they listen to anything I said but there were some people upon whom was the special Mercy of Allah ﷻ and Dajjal had no power over them and they listened to what I said and they recognized me that “your name is Qasim!”

I became happy upon meeting these people. Then these people gave others the messages along with me but no one listened to us except for a few people. Then one or two who used to believe in me went away and I became surprised that ‘’What happened to them’’? Then I felt difficulty in breathing and one friend who was with me said that ‘’My face looks changed’’. I became surprised and looked at the mirror and saw that there was a mask on my face and I said that ‘’This is why I have difficulty in breathing and then some people left me and went away because they couldn’t recognize me because of the mask’’. My friend said that ‘’This is definitely the work of Dajjal so that the people who believe in you will leave you.’’ I took off the mask and said that ‘’Dajjal isn’t in full power yet and still he is so powerful. How dangerous will he be when he gets the full power?’’

Then we decided to reach some influential people but before we could reach them Dajjal had made them deaf, mute and blind and they were unable to think or understand anything as if they were in a coma. I became really surprised that why is Dajjal so strong. How does he find out that we are going to these places so he can do magic on them. I told all the people who were sitting with me that ‘’Dajjal is after us, I have something which was given to me by Allah ﷻ and Dajjal isn’t in full power yet so he will not appear before us but he will attack us by his magic and from behind so you all be careful and act upon all the advice given by the last Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to keep us safe from Dajjal’’.

Then we went to various places to contact the people. There were two or three people with me and we reached a river or a beach along the sea and there was a boat there. I said upon seeing it that ‘’we will sit on this boat and go to a different place’’ but there were some people who had gone to some other places to give the messages. We left a person with the boat and went to call other people who had gone to contact other people. We brought those people back and that person was sitting with his leg placed in muddy water, and suddenly he screamed and took his leg out and his feet up to his knee were burning as if someone threw an acid on it. We became worried on seeing it that ‘’what has happened?’’ I said to him that ‘’why did you sit and place your leg in the muddy water?’’ I had already said that ‘’Dajjal is behind us and he will not miss a single chance.’’ He couldn’t walk and other people picked him up and put him in the boat. I went back once again and looked at the influential people and said that ‘’when will these people wake up? For how long will they continue to exist in the same state? These people will only believe me when they wake up and thats when their followers will believe me but when will all this happen?’’ Then I said that ‘’I should leave them and go to the other side of the boat, perhaps there I might find some hope.’’ And in the way back I also got some medical treatment along with me and then we wrapped plaster on that person’s leg so that he might recover soon. Then another person said that ‘’where will we go on this boat?’’ I said that ‘’Perhaps we might find some hope for we have tried here but nothing happened.’’

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When we sat on the boat and we were ready to go then we saw some people who looked like as if they had escaped a war zone. We asked them ‘’who are you all?’’ They said that ‘’War started suddenly at the place we were living at and our homes were destroyed badly and we could hardly make it here.’’ I said that ‘’what happened there that all their homes were destroyed and they were forced to migrate?’’ I said to my friends that ‘’lets take them to a safe place first and then we will go on our journey.’’ After taking them to a safe place we went on our journey and we reached a place where there was a very huge castle type house with very high walls. After seeing it I said that ‘’this is the place where I wanted to go.’’

I said to the people that ‘’there is a huge door here which we will open to enter the castle.’’ Then we searched for the door but we couldn’t find it. I became surprised that this is the right castle so why couldn’t we find the door? Then I saw a pillar and said that ‘’the door was near it so why can’t I see it?’’ When we went a little further from the pillar then we saw the door but when I went a little back then it disappeared. One person said that ‘’Perhaps Dajjal knows about this door and he hid this door with his magic so that no one could see the door from far. I said that ‘’Yes this could be the reason, there’s a wall of magic in the middle which is hiding the door.’’ And when I looked from far then I could only see the wall but when I came near then I started seeing the door. One person said that ‘’How will this door open?” I went near to the door but it did not open. I looked at the door and said that ‘’perhaps Dajjal has took it under his control otherwise this door would have definitely opened upon my arrival.’’ Then I took out the thing which was given to me by Allah ﷻ. It was pure water and I poured it on the door and the door started to upgrade. I said to the people who were with me that ‘’this door has a level 6 but by pouring this pure water it has started to upgrade and it will upgrade to level 10 and then it will be free from control of Dajjal and then it will open.’’ One person asked that ‘’how long will it take this door to upgrade?’’ I said that ‘’Allah ﷻ knows better, now come with me there is a secret way near this door from which we can look inside the castle but we can’t enter it from there and if we see someone inside then we will convince him to help us.’’

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When we went up from the secret way then the castle was filled with darkness and it was abandoned and it seemed that no one had come here for centuries. Upon seeing it abandoned I became very sad. I looked at the door and it was upgrading and we could only go inside when it opens. We couldn’t find anything there either except for the door and then we decided to go back because we could only do something if the door opened. Suddenly a green coloured paint bucket came jumping towards me while shouting my name and said that ‘’Qasim! You have come! I’ve been waiting for you for long while hiding inside here.’’ Dajjal has taken control over everything and he has changed everything into ghost like because they are unable to understand what is happening to them and only those people are safe who have a special mercy of Allah ﷻ upon them.’’ I said that ‘’this is why I was surprised because everyone in the castle knew me whether they are living or non living and thats why the door didn’t open either.’’ Then I sprinkled the pure water on the bucket and suddenly a peacock came flying while speaking my name, and said that ‘’Qasim! You have come!’’ That peacock was very beautiful and I sprinkled pure water on it too and it started to shine and then another peacock came. We became happy on seeing all this that at least we got some hope even if these are birds and non living things but these are very great signs for us.

Then I looked at the corner of the castle and I saw a black weak and hungry cow which was chained. Its face was very weird and horrifying and I felt as if Dajjal has brought it into this state. When I looked into its horrific eyes, I felt that Dajjal is present in this castle and he is looking at me from these cows’ eyes.

And the dream ended there.

والسلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ

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