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Saturday, 28 November 2020 - 23:00 WIB

Imran Khan Should Accept His Failure

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

السلام علیکم ورحمتہ اللہ وبرکاتہ

In this dream, I saw a big hall. There was a Stage in this hall where Imran Khan was sitting.

Imran Khan was sitting on a chair next to the desk. And a very close one of Imran Khan was resting next to him. In the dream, I could not recognize that other person. Other than that, the rest of the hall was empty. And I was standing behind the Stage.

Then I saw Imran Khan softly saying to this person that “I have failed. I have not been able to fulfill my promises that I made to the people; the way I wanted to and now, I have failed.”

I was surprised to hear Imran Khan and said that “In front of the people, Imran Khan claims for numerous achievements that I did great things, our country is developing and we are prospering but inside of the house, he is acknowledging to his close ones that he has failed.”

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Then I came in front of Imran Khan and said that “Mr. Imran Khan! Sitting next to your close ones, you are saying that you have failed and admitting your failure but when you go to the public, you say that great progress is taking place. So when you already know you have failed, why don’t you admit it in public?”

Imran Khan tried to counter my point. Then I told Imran Khan, “Khan Sahab! The sooner you admit that you have failed, the less Pakistan will suffer and so quick Pakistan will come out of trouble.”

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Imran Khan again said something, but I repeated, “the longer you take to admit your failure, the more Pakistan will get into trouble and the problems will increase. So, the sooner you accept your defeat, the better for this country and you as well.”

In the meantime, Imran Khan tried to counter a bit but in the end, he realized that I have already listened to him and I know everything.

Then he quietly started looking at me.

I repeated once again, “the sooner you unveil the truth and admit your failure, the quicker this country can get back on track. Otherwise, the longer you do, the more Pakistan will suffer, and this country will be in trouble.”

And this dream ends here.

والسلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ

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